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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Murukku - Indian Savoury Snack

I thought of posting this recipe next week, but because of public demand;) I am posting it today itself:)

Murukku is a traditional savoury snack popular in India, originated in Manapparai, a town in Tiruchirapalli(Trichy) Tamil Nadu, India.
It is prepared usually with various combinations of rice flour, Black gram (Urad Dal/Uzhunthu) flour, Split chickpeas (Kadalai paruppu/Channa dal) flour,

Fried split chickpeas (Udacha kadalai/Chutney dal) flour, etc, with spices like, chilli powder, asafoetida powder, cumin seeds, ajwain, sesame seeds, etc.

It is usually prepared with a Murukku maker (a kind of farsan maker) and can be prepared using different design plates as shown below:

Rice flour - 4 cups
Besan (Split chickpeas/Kadalai paruppu/Channa dal) flour - 1 cup
Black gram (Urad Dal / Uzhunthu) flour - 1 cup (you can do it at home by frying it nicely and grinding it)
Cumin seeds - 1-2 teaspoons (adjust to ur taste)
Asafoetida powder - a pinch
Butter - 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
Murukku maker

Mix all ingredients except oil with little water(I used warm water) to make it a nice soft dough.

Close it with a lid or damp clean cloth and allow it outside for couple of hours.

Apply oil in hands so that it wont stick to your hands, add the dough to the murukku maker.

On greased polythene sheets, squeeze the dough from the maker and make murukkus.

Meanwhile heat oil in pan for 5-10 minutes.

Then slowly put them one by one in oil(lot of bubbles will appear).

Fry them until they are golden brown(bubbles start disappearing as they are cooked).

Murukkus, a wonderful snack for tea-time, are ready.

Cooking time : 45 minutes
Makes 30-40 numbers.


Priti said...

Due to Public demand :)..acha hai acha hai.. :):)
But I need to say the murukku looks gud and it tasted just yummy too..loved it..thanks for taking time to prepare for us ..appreciate this..Good going gal

notyet100 said...

thnks for postin the recipe vani,..i don hve farsan maker can i try with squeeze bottle the one i used for mkin jalebi,..liked ur crunchy murukku lotz..thnks for gettin for the meet,..nd ya thnks again for the recipe

rekhas kitchen said...

wow murukku's looks so crunchy you people are so lucky meating each other great

Ramya Bala said...

Paatheengala,thirumba naan missing :(Hope I was also there tasting ur murukkus...But,u have given us the recipe..Thanks for sharing:)

Sujatha said...

looks perfectly crispy and nice color! No wonder the demand was more :)

Anonymous said...

I love murukku. Your recipe is easy. I am going to try it for sure.


srikars kitchen said...

looks fantastic and delicious...mouth watering

sowmya said...

loved them vani..next time i visit india,, have to bring the murukku maker ....we also call it thenkuyal...

Maheswari said...

" Haai murukku amma" - this is what my 4 yr old screamed when he say this page.Loved it.

LG said...

we call it thengolalu too..and guess what I made them yest night!!! :-) they were perfect! Thanks a ton to you..

Vibaas said...

Looks Yum!

Myviews said...

wow! murukku looks so crispy and tempting..we call it thenkulalal

Sanhita said...

Hi, this looks great. I thought it was very difficult to make it, but it looks easy.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Good luck.

Illatharasi said...

Thanks Priti!

Thanks Priyanka:) You can use the bottle, but I guess it would be very hard, apply some oil and try .... if not u can lend my farsan maker :)

Thanks Rekha:)

Thanks Ramya, I actually want to meet all my blogger friends.... but donno how and when ;)

Thanks Radha, do try and let me know how it was:)

Thanks Sripriya:)

Thanks Sowmi, it is available in mustafa... but bit costly... it tempted so much so I bought it here itself ;)

Thanks Vibass for the visit, do visit often:)

Thanks jaishree:)

Thanks Sanhita:)

Illatharasi said...

Thanks Sujatha:)

Thanks Maheswari, tell your son I too jumped after reading your comment ;) Thanks for your nice words :)

Thanks LG... Hope Akash was happy :)

rekhas kitchen said...

a award is waiting for you in my blog techukondi please

Bhawana said...

Illa, this is called as sev in my hometown and we make it with a different machine. murukku is round shaped or we cabn make it in any shape. just curious to know :).

Illatharasi said...

Hi Bhawana, we too make sev, but ours will be too thin :) There are different kinds of murukku... if it is "kai murukku" which is made by rolling the dough with hands will be round. Otherwise you can make it in any shape... its upto us :) he he .... Thanks for asking :)

notyet100 said...

thnks vani,,i guess i will buy farsan maker in delhi and try there..