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Monday, July 14, 2008

Barbeque Food and Fun

We were planning for a BBQ party @ East Coast Park, for the past few months and it was successfully launched last weekend:) Planned to camp there on saturday night and back to home in the morning to refresh, and bring back food for BBQ. Along with us, two other friends with their family also joined. This was our first time of BBQ in the beach and it was FUN, FUN and FUN only :)

Sun arised toooooo early for me last saturday, as I need to prepare for the BBQ party as well as my daily routine for the day. Most important thing, before all these -I have to post my recipes in my blog;) - so quickly posted for the day and drafted for sunday too.

Then I started my daily tasks, cooking for lunch, packing and food preparation for BBQ, cleaning and other stuff. Started preparing vegetable spring rolls, chicken soup, Mango dip, cucumbers and marinated fish for next day. Then quickly packed BBQ portable pit, paper plates, cups, spoons, forks, music player, DVD portable player, batteries, CDs, tents, pillows, mats, etc. Whole day I was sooooo busy, that I wanted to sleep early.....

Then in the evening, we went to Changi temple and one of our friend's family joined us there. After darshan and delicious food we had in the temple, we came back home around 11 pm. Refreshed ourselves, prepared hot masala tea, had a cup and poured some in the thermo flask to have there in the beach. We called the other friend too and started to ECP around 12 midnight.

It was windy there and climate was very pleasant. We started fixing the tent and no one, including me;), was tired! My hubby was busy taking few night shots and one kid who was with us wanted to play in the beach, so his parents were busy to spend some time with him. Then we all gathered and started our chit chat and after some time watched a movie in the portable player.

It was around 3 am and we all decided to nap for sometime. Usually I always like to sleep in open, but it was cold and everybody went inside the tent. We took 2 tents but we wanted to stay together. It was 6 men tent - 6 adults and one kid, we all shared the same tent.

It was around 4 am, we were awakened by a loud laughter by a girl who was sitting in the bench near to our tent. She laughed so loudly that everybody woke up and they started making fun of me saying it was a devil, since I am so afraid of it and their stories. After some fun we continued our sleep and woke up around 7 am. Below picture was taken early in the morning :)

Then we went back home, refreshed ourselves, had tea, breakfast and prepared curd rice and marinated peppers and bean curd for tikka. I posted my recipe for sunday, which I drafted the previous day;)

Around 11.30 am, we started again to ECP. We were trying to book a pit there, but were too late, since it has to be done a day earlier. Then we were searching for a good shady place for camping, luckily, a person who saw us roaming here and there and called us and told that he is vacating that bench, which was just below a tree. But we wanted a bench with a table too, so that it will be more convenient.

But for time being, we started litting the pit. One of our friend Rev, brought vegetable biryani, marinated vegetables for tikka and other friend brought marinated chicken and prawns. Mine was marinated fish, chicken soup, veggie spring roll, cucumber and mango dip, curd rice, murruku(an indian snack for tea) and masala tea. So we, wives started litting the BBQ pit and in the mean time, the tent was made ready by the hubbies.

We wanted to heat the soup first, but...... it started drizzling. We felt bad :( and started moving things inside the tent and kept the pit below the bench and we rushed to a nearby shelter. The rain started pouring and hubbies hid themselves inside the tent and wives with the kid were in the nearby shelter. It was raining heavily and we thought our party will be spoiled. Kid was so sad and I told him to pray God to stop the rain. He prayed once and was asking me, why the rain has not stopped, I replied that he has to pray 100 times.... ;) and he started doing it:)

We were sad, since this was our first BBQ party in the beach and I started praying too;) while our hubbies were happily eating groundnuts inside the tent;)(we found it when we came back:)) After 30 minutes, rain stopped completely and it was cool in the beach. Then we got a bench with the table, since many of them left the beach because of rain. Then we started again to lit the pit, wanted to have hot chicken soup, so started heating it.

I forgot to click pictures of some of the dishes as we were so excited eating them hot and fresh;) But tried to pull few to post them :)

After tasty chicken soup, it was hot spring rolls with mango dip. I specially made vegetable snack for our friend Rev, since she wont eat non-veg.

Thanks Lakshmi for the recipe. We all enjoyed it!!!

Then we started cooking Tandoori chicken prepared by our friend, Jil Jil :) The aroma was sssooo inviting and everybody started eating it right from the pit. It was finished within 10 minutes ;)

Meanwhile, me and Rev started inserting the marinated vegetables(Green, Yellow and Red peppers, Onions and Bean curd) in the bamboo skewers for the Tikka.

Recipe was given by Rev and I prepared it in the morning. It was damn tasty and was a major highlight of the food:)

Then we started frying fish.....

We were almost finding space in our stomachs to fill these.... so hubbies went to pick some cool drinks. Had nice diet cokes, pepsi's & ice lemon tea.

After fish, we started frying marinated prawns to have with vegetable biryani.

We were feeling so full, thought of taking some rest and have rice after some time. So we kept biryani on the pit and stated our chitchats again;)

After an hour, we had biryani, fish, prawns and curd rice. The food was lovely and most of them had no oil. We flet it healthy too :)

Prepared masala tea in the morning and brought it in a flask. It was hot and we all had it with murukku.

It was really nice and relaxing and SO MUCH fun. We all loved this BBQ party and planned to do once in a month;)

Thanks for spending time to read this and recipes will follow soon this month ;)


Sathiya said...

//Sun arised toooooo early for me last saturday//
You mean at 9.30? Hopefully...since it's a weekend;)

//while our hubbies were happily eating groundnuts inside the tent//
That's how we should take things lightly. Credit goes to sateesh;)

SriLekha said...

wow... great enjoyment.. but a doubt.. did u people went to enjoy the location or food... such a number of dishes u people have prepared... great ladies!thats the spirit in ladies alays to be appreciated... r u all blogger frds?

sowmya said...

wow wow vani..seems like you had loads of fun..am dying to do such things,,have to wait till laksh is old enough to be taken for night camps. the food looks lovely...great snaps..you have tempted me enough now..atleast will go and spend some time in the beach this weekend..

Valarmathi said...

Wow vani thats wonderful. Had a great weekend. So many dishes wow.... food looks very yummy.Fish and prawns wow mouthwatering.

rekhas kitchen said...

mmm vani great weekend pic was simply supperb great food and the post how you writen is exelent and yes new template ha ha ha you got it ha you are the first person who realise that thank you so much how is that change tell me old one dose'nt have much space so I changed If any thing more please tell me

solai said...

wow,I think that you would have put on some additional weight after the weekend.Very nice to know that you people took pains to prepare so many items and make the family enjoy good food along with fun.keep it up illatharasi.you prove to be a good housewife.All dishes are mouthwatering

Sunshinemom said...

Vani - I can see you enjoyed a lot, and liked the murukku and bean curd grills! I just realised we need a getaway like that NOW!

kamala said...

Hi Vani , U guys had a nice time ...with loads of food...I am hungry now..Love the post

தமிழினி..... said...

gud post about ur weekend....i saw this before my lunch and my hunger went off....hats off to ur cooking skills vani......HATS OFF!!!

Priti said...

Wow Vani you really had fun...gud to knw this....do this often & enjoy

notyet100 said...

pics look good..food looks good and ur post says,,u really felt good,..nice one..

Madhavi said...

hey looks like u guys had a blast huhhh, great pics. food looks awesome too!!!Great post!!!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow sounds like a great time was had by all despite the rain! The beach is beautiful! We live near the ocean too and I just love that I can go there anytime I want!


hey .. good that you had soo much fun vani .. keep enjoying

Cham said...

Oh oh after seeing ur fish fry and shrimp, i feel hungry here... Well i guess u all enjoyed the food most, love the camping idea, sounds exciting!

Maheswari said...

Looks like you all had loads of fun.Everything looks delicious.Loved kabbs,fish and shrimps..

Suma Rajesh said...

wooo...u had a real blast...and food looks tempting manily the chicken and fryed fish....bbq beings real different flavour....luved the pic of shrimps tooo...

LG said...

oooo...my those pictures are making me plan a BBQ party :) at ECP. Btw Kusu island is also good for BBQ and for a day long trip if you have a good group to enjoy. I am all happy to hear that you all liked salad dip.

Illatharasi said...

@ Sathya, that is when sun rises for YOU. For me its early ;)

@ Thanks Sri, we have been there so many times.... love that place and wanted to try BBQ there.... So shared food among ourselves and we did it :) They are friends we got in Singapore.

@ Thanks Sowmya, yeah go this weekend and let me know how it was ;)

@ Thanks Valar, we enjoyed fun and food ;)

@ Thanks Rekha, we really enjoyed there. Yeah I was thinking that the space was too less. Now it really looks gud. I will give the feedback in your blog:)

@ Thanks Solai. We were infact discussing about this ... thought of doubling the work-out time ;)

@ Thanks Harini, recipe of murukku will be posted this month, wait for it.... ;)

@ Thanks Kamala, your words are so encouraging :)

@ Thanks Srividya, I am happy that I can make you feel full after seeing my pictures ;)

@ Thanks Priti, maybe we can have it during one of our meet ;)

@ Thanks Priyanka, lovely comments :)

@ Thanks Madhavi for your kind words :)

@ Thanks Jenn. We thought our BBQ will get spoiled after the rain, luckily it stopped and it was cool after the rain. I too stay near the beach, 15 mins drive from our home :)

@ Thanks VegPlat, do visit often:)

@ Thanks Cham, we do camping in the nights twice in a month, we love the place:)

@ Thanks Maheswari, food was really tasty since we had it HOT:)

@ Thanks Suma, yeah it was a different flavour with no oil in it.. they were really tasty:)

@ Thanks Laks, nice idea ... we will try Kusu island too...:) will try once for our bloggers meet too ;)

Jil Jil said...

அழகா கோர்வையா எழுதியிருக்கீங்க....... இல்லத்தரசியோட photo ஒன்றும் இல்லையே?????

rekhas kitchen said...

yes vani poppy seeds are band in UAE also but when evr I go to india will bring from there but you can replace this with mellon seeds that also give almost similar taste try that If you dont have that also add 1/2 cup milk at the end mix well and remove fire try this

Prema Sundar said...

It seems u guys had a lot of fun camping..
I have been to east coast park a few years back when I was in Singapore..Miss Singapore very much.
Thanks for adding me to ur blogroll.