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Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Independence Day & Button Mushroom Soup

Indians are celebrating their 61st Independence day today. India got its freedom on August 15, 1947. Saluting the Nation, Jai Hind!!!

Happy Independence Day friends!!!


Over to Today's recipe.........................

Mushrooms are neither animal or plant. Some people consider them plants, but they differ from plants, since they lack chlorophyll that plants have, to manufacture their own food and energy. For this reason they are placed in a Kingdom of their own," The Kingdom of Fungi".

So, what are mushrooms? A mushroom is but the fruit of the fungal organism that produces them, just like an apple tree produces apples to bear seeds to ensure the continuation of it's species, so the fungal organism produces mushrooms that carry spores to ensure the continuation of it's own species.

Therefore, the mushroom is the reproductive organ for the fungus.

For more information about Mushrooms, click

I tried this for the first time, and my hubby said that, I am qualified to work in PastaMania!.... he he ;)

Button Mushrooms - 8-10
Butter - 1 tablespoon
Garlic - 1 tablespoon, chopped
Onions - 1, medium sized, sliced
Cream - 1 cup or Full cream milk - 1 cup
Vegetable broth/stock cubes - 1 (I used Maggi cubes)
Pepper powder - 1/2 tablespoon or as spicy required
Coriander or parsley leaves - few, chopped
Salt to taste

Wash mushrooms well and cut into pieces.

Heat pan and add butter. Once it starts melting, add chopped garlic, onions and fry until onions are transparent.

Add cut mushrooms, pepper powder and saute for 5 minutes.

Then add 1 cup of water, salt to taste and vegetable stock cube to it and allow it boil.

Make sure that the cube dissolves completely. Then allow it cool.

Blend them coarsely, so that tiny lumps of mushrooms are left. It will taste great, while having the soup;)

Then heat the mixture on a low flame. Add cream or full cream milk and mix it gently until it comes to a boiling stage.

Add more salt if required. Garnish with coriander or parsley leaves.

Serve hot with croutons or garlic bread.

Cooking time - 25 minutes
Serves - 2 persons

One more closer look:

1. If you are using canned mushrooms, it might be salty. Check and add salt accordingly.

2. For one bowl of soup, add 4-5 mushrooms, so increase the quantity of it accordingly.

3. For non-vegans, instead of vegetable stock, we can replace chicken stock.

I am sending this to AWED - Italiano hosted by DK of Culinary Bazaar.


Priti said...

Nice looking soup...so which branch of pasta mania r u joining? :p

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I love mushrooms. looks yummy & delicious!!!

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wonderful mushroom recipe and it looks yum!

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Creamy soup and lovely presentation! Happy Indepe Day

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