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Monday, September 8, 2008

Vinayaga Chathurthi Celebrations - Kozhukattai & Vada

Vinayaga Chathurthi was very special this time, since my nephew was there with me. We dressed him up and was having lots of fun. He left to India last friday and I am missing him badly :(

Anyway....... this is my new Ganesha we bought this year.

And here goes my offerings ....... Salt Kozhukattai, Sweet Kozhukattai and Vada

Kozhukattai(Steamed Rice balls) - Sweet & Salt

Rice flour - 2 cups
Salt to taste
Butter/Ghee - 1 tablespoon

Mix all ingredients in little warm water and make a thick dough.

Make into 2 parts and keep it aside for 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare for the fillings, as below:

For salt Kozhukattai:
Oil/Ghee - 1 tablespoon
Mustard seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Split chickpeas (Kadalai paruppu/channa dal) - 1 tablespoon
Coconut - 2 tablespoons (Grated or coconut cut into tiny pieces)

Heat oil/ghee in a little pan. Once it is hot, allow mustard seeds to splitter in it.

Add channa dal, coconut and fry until they are golden brown.

Then add this to one part of the dough and mix well.

Take small amount of the dough and press it with your hands(as in the picture above) and keep aside.

For sweet Kozhukattai:
Ghee - 1 tablespoon
Grated coconut - 3 tablespoons
Jaggery(powdered) - 1/4 cup

Heat ghee in a pan. Fry coconut in it, until it becomes dry.

Allow it to cool completely. Once it comes to room temperature, add powdered jaggery and mix well.

Make small balls out of the other part of the dough. Flatten the dough, keep the filling and make into small balls.

Prepare balls out of the dough and keep aside.

Steam the salt and sweet balls for 10-15 minutes.

Tasty Kozhukattais are ready!

Cooking time : 30 minutes
Serves 5-6 persons


Uzhunthu Vadai

Black gram (Urad Dal / Uzhunthu) - 1 cup
Onion - 1, finely chopped
Green chillies - 2-3 or as spicy required
Coriander leaves - few
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Soak the dal for 1-2 hours in 3 cups of water.

Grind dal, chillies, salt to a thick dough. Just sprinkle water if required.

Add onions, coriander leaves to it and mix well. Keep it aside for 15-20 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan. Once it is hot, add small balls of the dough and fry until golden brown.

Tasty vadas are ready!

Cooking time : 30 minutes
Serves 5-6 persons

I am sending these entries to Purva Daawat's Ganesh Chathuthi Celebrations Festive Food Event.


sowmya said...

Kozhakattai looks delicious..nice picture..is tempting me!!

notyet100 said...



looks very delicious ..

Haripriya Reddy said...

Looks good.Nice Pic!

Priti said...

Ahh now able to see the perfect Chennai way of celebration...everything looks yummy...

Valarmathi said...

Kolukattai looks yummy and delicious. Nice picture.

LG said...

I am sure your lovely Ganesha must have blessed you with ;) .... after he took a peek at the platter..nice offerings Vani

SriLekha said...

idol is so nice and the recipes are so good

Anonymous said...

Hey Vani..i always wanted to do this poorna klukkatai..thanks for the recipe..will do it soon!!!

Madhuram said...

Very divine looking Pillaiyar idol and good decorations Vani.

Ivy said...

Vani,they all look delicious. Can I make a suggestion. I am sure all your Indian friends know what this is about, but for us foreigners you could give a short description of what is this celebration all about. Why are you offering these things and to whom you are offering them. This way we may learn more about your lovely culture. Hope you do not mind me saying so.
About the soup, I forgot to tell you that it does not smell fish.

Purva Desai said...

Kozhukattai looks really tempting and new idol of Lord looks just divine.
Thank you for sending your lovely entry.

The last date has passed, but I could not say no to such delicious treat

Sunshinemom said...

Vinayaka happens to be my favourite Lord! Hes the cutest:) And how I love kozhukottais!! Yummy spread!

Illatharasi said...

Thanks Ivy for the suggestion... Everytime I include the details, but somehow missed it.... added now.

Thanks for updating it!

Ivy said...

Vani thanks very much, it was very interesting to read. Happy Ganesha Festival to all of you.

Cham said...

Beautiful Ganesha! Love those kozhukattai :)

Mrs.Kannan said...

Wawiiii,All looks yummy,i havent tried the salted one,i have to try,instead of salted one we use to have pillakudumula,i should have try this one soon,just for a snack.

Vidhya said...

Divine Vani, all the modakas look yummy. There is a surprise waiting for you in my blog. Please check out.


ANJALI J. said...

i had been hunting for this kind of sweet dish 2-3 days ago but didnt find any.. so i made the fried ones.. but better late than never.. i can still try out these before ganesh festival ends..:)

Prema Sundar said...

Nice spread of kozhukattais...

kamalagk said...

Beautiful Ganesh Idol Vani..Kozhukattai too!!!

Priti said...

U have award waiting for you in my blog..please collect it :)

GR said...

looks yummy do visit my blog click4homeideas.blogspot.com